We are changing the mentality of the construction market. This has been our mission statement since the company was founded in 1994. We began with offering construction services, mainly renovation and general building work. As a building contractor, we often work under public contracts for local governments, hospitals and schools, but we readily accept work in the private sector as well.

Drawing on the years of practice site experience, we have prepared a range of well-priced quality building materials. All these materials are offered at the AKCES Building Material Centre. The centre quickly became a valued supplier of building materials and a place where project owners and contractors come back for advice and consultancy. 

Our customers told us what they need and this encouraged to look for new sound and thermal insulation solutions. The goal we set for ourselves was to develop materials that would not only offer good insulation properties. We were looking for materials that would work well with the surface to which they would be applied, while offering vapour permeability and cost-effectiveness. That inspired us to join forces with Tech Service Polska, the owner of the Polytech lightweight concrete (or styroconcrete) technology.

Today we produce a variety of innovative Polytech products.  Our in-house laboratory team develops new formulas and monitors the quality of our Polytech products and services. 
We also take actions to protect the natural environment: utilising polystyrene foam waste from building sites in our production processes and developing and marketing energy-efficient products.

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